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Digital marketing information you can act on now to improve your business strategy

  Digital marketing information you can act on NOW to improve your business strategy Undoubtedly, data-driven decisions are more important now than ever to every business. Regardless of size and business type, leaning into data will help ensure you make focussed, informed decision and develop effective strategies.  Even though the last two years were anything but normal, there ’s still a wealth of insight to gain - and if we were to take but one insight from this year's marketing trends, it would undoubtedly be that every business needs to invest in digital marketing. M ore and more businesses are relying on attracting online sales to generate various types of income.  There are seven essential segments of digital marketing that can help a business achieve this: Search Engine Optimisation Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Conversion Rate Optimisation Marketing Automation Reputation Management Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Below is a compilation of digital market

The attraction of using a dedicated local digital marketing agency

  The attraction of using a dedicated local digital marketing agency   Almost everyone is online in some way, shape, or form. Because of this, businesses have taken to the internet to advertise and engage with their target audiences. Digital marketing is one of the many results of this evolution in advertising. Have you been thinking of trying digital marketing to promote your company? If so it pays to think local first - even the global brands are recognising the importance of it. To be STAND OUT you need to BE CREATIVE  - and only local businesses can be creative about their local market, because they bring a unique perspective and LOCAL CONNECTION Companies such as web-aviso based in Formby, Liverpool have been serving UK and International clients with their digital marketing and SEO services since 2004. By their own admittance though, their strength is proudly in local SEO and digital marketing and helping businesses achieve their goals across the North West of England. 

Online search has evolved, discover the new search engines

Online search has evolved, discover the new search engines   We all know that Google rules the online search world (currently standing at 86% according to Statista ), but there are other options available and not just Bing (only 7%)  Baidu or Yandex . To gain new users the alternatives need to develop compelling USP's to meet current user challenges, such as Duck Duck Go, Qwant , Search Encrypt and Yippy among others which are geared towards simplifying privacy and anonymity online. Or initiatives such as Ecosia , where f or every search made (powered by Bing), the revenue generated goes towards its tree-planting scheme.   The aim of this article is to cover three newer online search players who are making waves and warrant further attention ... These are NEEVA, ASK MOE, and EKORU  NEEVA Neeva, founded by ex-Google employees and launched in 2021 is exploring a new business mode, unlike other Google alternatives, Neeva is completely ad-free. It also includes feature