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How to Break Down The 6 Key SEO Strategies That Smart Businesses Really Use

How to Break Down the 6 Key SEO Strategies that Smart Businesses Really Use   There is a common misperception that SEO is just about keywords - but that is just the tip of the iceberg. So how can you carry out the real on-page and off-page work, the SEO tactics that smart businesses really use, without wanting to pull your hair out? Fortunately there are strategies that can help you stay on track and fulfill Google’s ranking guidelines for your business website. Below we provide an overview of six key SEO strategies with some tips to get you started.     Keyword Research Keywords are central to SEO - but are ineffective without research as you need to understand what words and term other prople are searching for, not what you 'think' they are searching for. Essentially keywords are the linchpin that solidifies your content with the needs of your prospective customers.  Good keyword research involves starting off with the right groundwork including:  Considering your targe

How to use online reviews and reputation management to win customer loyalty

   How to use online reviews and reputation management to win customer loyalty As internet technologies become more targeted so does the way that businesses and potential customers relate to one another online. Consumers across all areas of business are no longer content to be passive recipients of business and brand marketing ... Customer loyalty is a fickle beast. Rather than seeking out preferred businesses and brands, many consumers now seek opinions of others who have made similar purchases. consequently reviews and ratings have a huge impact on a business or brand’s ability to attract continued and new customers.  Consumers are sensitive not just to the reputation of business brands in general, but also to the reputation of specific brick-and-mortar businesses. As a result, reviews have become an essential tool for finding the best possible purchasing opportunity nearby – anything from pizza to childcare, plumbers to car sales ... It’s