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How Amazon Gets You to Buy What you Dont Need

How Amazon Gets You to Buy What you Dont Need   The secret to Amazon's sucess is multi-faceted, but undoubtedly how the online retailer uses an arsenal of creative approaches to turn shoppers into buyers, buyers of one item into buyers of multiple items, and first-time buyers into frequently returning customers - is a craft worthy of some study by other businesses. Overall their success is no accident, t heir website for starters is filled with psychological hacks designed to make you spend more ...  Design by web-aviso Strategic defaults  People are lazy, and Amazon knows it. So what do they do? Turn subscriptions into the default:   Tracking what they save you When we try to cancel our Prime subscriptions, Amazon displays the amount saved with its services. Hard to say no to xxx saved in delivery fees? Spotlighted savings Even before Amazon displays the price they show us what we can save in an enlarged and bright red font  - and who doesn't like a good bargain?   Strike