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How AI Is Changing SEO & How You Can Take Advantage of It

How AI is Changing SEO & How You Can Take Advantage of it Article in collaboration between Jetrank (US) & web-aviso (UK) As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, it has the potential to revolutionise the way search engine optimization (SEO) is done. AI can help marketers improve their SEO strategies by providing insights into consumer behaviour, enabling more accurate targeting and personalisation, and streamlining processes. This article will discuss how AI is changing SEO how you you can take advantage of it and capitalise on these developments.  We will look at the use cases of AI-driven SEO tools , such as automated keyword research, content optimization, link building automation, and more. Finally, we will explore how you can prepare for the future of SEO with AI. Create Content with AI AI-driven content creation is becoming an increasingly popular way to create content for SEO. AI tools can help copywriters generate high-quality content quickly and efficient

How to voice search optimise and list your business with voice assistants beyond SEO

How to voice search optimise and list your business with voice assistants beyond SEO Voice search has become an integral part of many people's daily lives. It can be used by both abled and disabled people to ask questions, find out information, make purchases, check the weather, and more, it is inclusive and to many has helped improve lives. Voice search allows for quick and easy access to information, which can be especially helpful for many when looking to make a purchase decision either online or in person. As voice search continues to grow in popularity, businesses need to understand how this technology works and how to optimise for it.  However even with the wealth of SEO information online - two commonly asked questions that can be difficult to find a definitive answer online to is: How do I actually voice search optimise my business website ? How do I list my business with voice assistant devices, beyond SEO ? This article was written to address these two common questions

How to Create Strong Geo-Targeted Page Content with Local SEO Impact

How to Create Strong Geo-Targeted Page Content with Local SEO Impact How to Create Strong Geo-Targeted Page Content with Local SEO Impact Local SEO is becoming more relevant than ever, especially given the progressive AI modelling of online and voice search engines. So gaining an understanding and implementing of local SEO strategies that are relevant and actually deliver with some local SEO impact should feature in most digital marketers strategies. One of the most highly effective local SEO tactics is the creation of geo-targeted pages (or ‘service-area’ pages) as they enable you quickly rank for area specific longtail search terms. I should point out that such   favourable results cannot be blanket applied to every industry though, but if you are having issues getting traffic to service area pages or looking to make them rank higher for location-specific searches, this article is for you! What exactly is a geo-targeted web page ? A geo-targeted or service area web page i

15 Smart AI Tools to Superboost Your Creative Business Productivity

15 Smart AI Tools to Superboost Your Creative Business Productivity   Everyday now we are seeing articles about how Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are not only improving productivity and efficiency, but creating new opportunities too for every size business. AI learning is providing deeper and more prctical insights than ever before, and will literally by design, only improve. Whether you are a solo freelancer or manage multiple staff, there are many tools that will help improve your operations. So here's a round-up of 15 AI tech tools that are currently working for us and we think worth sharing with other creatives: Content creation, writing and inspiration with SEO Review Tools  Alongside the larger engines such as Chat GTP multiple AI content providers seem to be springing up. SEO Review Tools do what they say on the tin - they offer various tools including this nice easy to customise AI writing tool which is one of our current faves alongside Rytr and Cop

10 Secret Copywriting Tips Professionals Dont Want You to Know

10 Secret Copywriting Tips The Professionals Dont Want You to Know OR the Easy and Fun Way to Write Copy That Converts ...  SEE END OF ARTICLE FOR UNIQUE COPYWRITING PROMPT SHEETS Any experienced marketer will tell you that great copywriting is the secret behind any successful campaign. However it needs to stand out, be engaging and persuasive for the reader to take action. Infact   in most cases, the differentiator between an amazing and average campaign comes down to copywriting. But where do you even begin, especially if you have no experience? Well, here are a few basic pointers to help you start out ... ✅ Write with a Goal in Mind 🎯, ✅ Know Your Audience 🤔, ✅ Write as if You're Speaking 🗣, ✅ Keep it Simple 📝, ✅ Make it Actionable 💪, ✅ Tell a Story 📖, ✅ Always Test 🔬, ✅ Use Power Words 💥, ✅ Evoke Emotion 🤩, ✅ Polish Your Copy 💎 But ... copywriting isn't an art, it's a science ... and the key to writing copy that converts is to use tried-and-tested F