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Top Six Urgency Triggers For Your Business Success

Top Six Urgency Triggers For Your Business Success   Urgency ... if you don't create urgency when (and whatever) your selling, then your prospective buyers will say, " Maybe later ," ... HOWEVER there's a good chance that 'later' becomes NEVER - and you lose the sale.  Give me 30 seconds and I'll show you 6 ways to create urgency and get someone to buy NOW (vs never) Plus there's a descriptive infographic at the end ... FIRSTLY  - a word of caution - Don't overuse or abuse these tactics. Fake or pushy urgency DAMAGES your brand by eroding trust ... But used tastefully, urgency drives action. Let's dive in: URGENCY TRIGGER #1:  "Price increases after X date." Great for: • New product launches (early bird pricing) • Upcoming price increases on a product or service  Notes: Doing this too often might cheapen your brand Make sure you ACTUALLY increase the price after X date  -------------------- URGENCY TRIGGER #2:  “I only take on