What makes a best performing Google Business Profile Post?


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What makes a best performing Google Business Profile Post?


WEB-AVISO provide Google Business Profile Management services so we were interested to read this recent analysis by Sterling Sky* where they provided some valuable conclusions and potential secrets to successful Google Business posts.

There are 4 different Google Business post types that you can use in the GBP dashboard:

  • COVID (Text only. Last 28 days. Overrule all posts)
  • EVENT (Pics+Text. Can set post duration date range)
  • OFFER (Same as EVENTS + View Offer/Call-to-Action tags)
  • UPDATE (Pics+Text. Last 6 months then list as previous)

The two best performing types were COVID and OFFER posts. 

The worst-performing type was the UPDATE post. 


Best Performing Content

Include a title but do not use all capital letters

Use original, rather than stock images

Use Images with text

There was no measurable difference including or precluding a logo

Using emojis with text can be beneficial


Best Performing Activity

Posts about specials or discounts.

Posts containing a call-to-action. 

(e.g.including “contact us today” in the image or post title)

Posts containing a sense of urgency.
(e.g. highlighting that you offer same-day appointments)



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