Business Advantage Guide to Visual Search & User Intent for websites

Business Advantage Guide to
Visual Search & User Intent for websites


How much attention do you pay to the images on your website ?

Just as someone makes a online typed or voice search, Google attempts to presents results as accurately as it can based on what it thinks is the user intent of that search.
The 'intent' is the aim the user has when making that search. 
This search intent can be implied from many contextual elements of the search, including the device used, the location of the searcher, elements such as time of day, world events, time of year etc, and the actual content of that search query itself (be it via text, voice, or visuals).
Text queries when entered into a search engine are considered by many to fall into five broad intent buckets:

* Informational queries—the searcher needs information because they want to find an answer to a question or to learn something.

* Navigational queries—the searcher wants to go to a particular website or resource on the internet.

* Commercial investigation—the searcher wants to compare products or services to find the best one to suit their needs.

* Transactional queries (also referred to as commercial or high intent)—the searcher wants to buy something or is ready to to take an action (such as place an order or make a call).

* Local queries—the searcher wants to find something local to them or in a specific geographic area.

At present, it’s likely that visual searches most likely fall into the informational (“what’s the name of this wild flower?”) and transactional (“where can I buy a bag like this?”) categories.

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