How to be a smart business that works less but attracts better clients!


How to be a smart business that works less
but attracts better clients !

How to be a smart business that works less but attracts better clients !

More, more, more ...

That’s what we’re used to thinking about with business: more followers, more subscribers, more sales, more revenue ... but it’s actually quality, not quantity, that will actually help your business grow if you think about it.

In marketing there is a concept called “niching down” - i.e., specialising in a product or service rather than trying to do everything - which is recognised and proven model that works globally - so why not that extend that concept to your customers ! Instead of being everything for everyone, focus on your ideal customer. The person who cares so deeply about what you’re creating that they’re going to message you with how excited they are for it to arrive - or the person who eagerly tells their friends about their new favorite shop or product. The person who reshares your social post or forwards your emails... That’s who is going to grow your business.


How do you define that ideal customer ?

Whether you have thousands of customers or are just starting out, the first place to look for your ideal customers is within yourself. Lead with your values and who you want to be - in both business, but also as a creative person. There are no right answers here, it’s about who you are and what you’re creating. Try to take your values into account, not just your business values, but also who you are, and hold strong to those. It sounds corny but staying true to yourself is really the most important thing. 

This may seem counterintuitive in a business setting, but what really defines your ideal client also is how they’re feeling too. What is their emotional or mental state when they come to you? Are you solving a problem, fulfilling a need, or making their day brighter?


Not everyone is your ideal client

If it’s easier, start with who your ideal client isn’t. Check for alignment:

  • How they engage with you.
    Have they been following you on social media, or a member of your email list, for some time?

  • How it makes you feel when you work with them.
    Do they drain you or excite you?

  • How they speak with you.
    If you’re working 1:1 with someone or in a small group setting, are they resonating with your message or challenging you? It’s fine if they want to hear more about prices or logistics, but if it feels like they don’t “get” what you’re offering, it may not be a fit.

Honestly, if it’s not your ideal client, have the courage to let them go. Through experience you will begin to sense when people are 100% ready to commit to you and when they’re motivated … there’s only so much you can do to get them to buy into your product, service or business, and you can only reach out so many times before it’s just not going to work out, and that's smart business knowing how an when to spend less.


How do you find your ideal client ?

Your ideal clients are out there. You just have to find them.Once you’ve defined your ideal customer, think about their day-to-day life. What spaces do they occupy, either virtually or in person? It may be in a place you own, like your email list, but it can also be within the broader community. For you could runs ads on various local news websites in addition to social media ads because that’s where her ideal customers might be. The point is, get creative with it, and lead with where your customer is. Also don’t be afraid to try marketing tactics that don’t scale. Your ideal clients are the ones that are going to want to quickly buy into your business, and so they’re worth that red-carpet effort.

I have clients who have found success in Instagram, not in posting all the time but in being themselves. They will often do one-off reach-outs through DMs to people that interact with their stories or posts a lot when running a discount program or free trial. It works so much better because then the recipients know that they are real people behind their Instagram handle.


What this looks like for your marketing strategy

Whilst every single customer won’t be your ideal customer, it's all business and each sale presents its own opportunities - however you may find that you have one or two types of ideal customer - so the secret to making this work for your marketing strategy is segmentation.

The 80/20 rule applies with ideal clients. The more of a fit they are with what you do or sell, the more likely they’ll return again (and again) making them much more valuable to your business than someone just passing through.

If you used email marketing you might want to launch two different newsletters, one for prospects and one for clients. The more information you know about them, the more tailored you can make the content and news you send. Or if its Facebook - post a note on your page encouraging followers to drop their email, and in return you can send them tailored news and updates about what you’re doing. (That’s one way you can funnel them into a subscription service too!).

Beyond one-off campaigns and newsletters, think about the entire customer experience and send your customers what they care about the most. That’s what determines your email flows. Take a welcome email, for example. For any new clients, you want to validate their choice in investing with you, (if you have a subscription or coaching model for example) .The better you can make that customer experience, the more validated your clients will feel - and the more likely they’ll shout about how great you are to their networks, which ultimately grows your business.


The key to sustainable business growth is knowing - and serving - your ideal clients ...

The better you can serve your ideal clients, the more your business will grow - and so you won’t need to go through a frantic cycle of more, more, more to be able to see your business take off. As scary as it can be to take a step back from the cycle of more, experiment with what it looks like to niche down into your ideal clients—who they are, and how you serve them—and you’ll be surprised at what that can do for your business.



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