How to secretly gain digital marketing business intelligence for free


How to secretly gain digital marketing business intelligence for free.


Imagine knowing all of your ideal prospects burning questions 

before you’ve even spoken to them...

Imagine knowing exactly what the market wanted and why.

Imagine understanding what keeps your prospects up at night.

Why they're scrolling through their phone at 3am on a Wednesday trying to find the answer.


OK - world domination aside …  this information could be used in many practical ways for your

business website, such as helping your prospects 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without even

being there. but how?


Targeted Content …

Content that strikes right at the target of your prospects problems, challenges or concenrs and

provides solutions they can action. This alone can positioning you as the authority to help them.

Understanding your audience is the only way to have any real impact in the market these days.

It’s why some businesses scale wildly to 'unicorn status' ... and those who ignore it drown in a 

puddle of mediocrity,  destined to fall into that "90% of businesses who fail" category.


How  : Version 1.0

You don’t need a world-class psychology degree, a team of scientists or a single penny to get

started. In fact, you come across these 'thoughts' multiple times a day and probably either 

bypass it simply havent realised its value ... it's called … "People Also Asked"

You can see this whenever you’re doing a Google search right under the search bar are other

questions related to to your search question or topic - showing EXACTLY what people are

searching for. Plus there's beneath with with closely related topics too ... now you can discover

what your target client is searching for and what's on their mind.

BUT  - you may be wondering... great, so what am I supposed to do with all this data now?

             You could write content that answers these questions with your expertise and insight.

             You could create videos that show your prospects how to do something.

             You could create social media posts with tips, hacks and how to’s.

             You could create FAQs on your website answering the most common questions.

There are many more strategies, but I'm sure you get the point.

This type of insight is like gold and now it’s easier than ever to mine. Of course, this is just the tip

of the iceberg here. 


How : Version X !!

I'm not suggesting that you sit there and do 200 searches for every single possible keyword or

topic - no, we all want to work smarter and not harder, dont we ! So how about this - type in the

search bar 'people aslo asked for' .. Now things get really deep.

You'll uncover AI search engines dedicated to helping you analyse the results such as :   


    Use this tool to perform searches against a dataset of 100M+ People Also Ask (PAA)
    questions collected from Google


    AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question for analysis in various formats


    Get unparalleled insight into search intent with live, geo-specific “People Also Ask” questions. Map relationships between topics visually with generated

All provide results in different formats and even help you how to analyse and use the

information. Now consider the fact that you can do all this at even greater scale by combining

the techniques and you potentially dominate the search results or at least have a very good

opportunity to help provide what your target clients or market are looking for. 

So consider your industry, market, product or ideal client and search for what you think they

might search for  - and get the real results, right now !


If you want want to know how advanced strategies like this can build a flood of free traffic to your

website - Contact web-aviso today and we can help you with strategic content tools and ideas

that go waaaay beyond what we've written about above.



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