25 Social Media Tips for the Creative Care Home Marketer


25 Social Media Tips for
the Creative Care Home Marketer


web-aviso are a successful digital marketing company with years of trading beyond many of our competitors. Our experience of creative marketing for various industry sectors websites is not only diverse, but for many clients, they have remained longstanding with us too through the results we deliver. 

By example, the care industry has been an area in which we have much experience. We understand the challenge that many in-house care home marketers face when it comes to integrated marketing strategies, especially social media management. What few companies seem to realise however, is that for any type of marketing to be effective it requires buy-in from many departments too. When this works, often some simple guidance or assistance can not only help inspire what to post, but help make that post generate better home leads and develop the benefits that come with an effective social media presence and community online.

In recognition of this common challenge we have systematically collated the following list of social media prompts. We are confident that these will help get you out of those weeks when knowing what to post just seems to draw a blank!

So let's dive in ...



We all enjoy positive news, and reading about how a care home achieved a fantastic outcome can be inspiring. Whether you partnered with a respected company or industry leader, were chosen to speak at an important engagement, got some great PR by being featured in a newspaper article, publication, radio station or industry podcast - do share about how (and where) you did it on your social media page or blog post. This is good for off page SEO, which not only helps win your target audience's attention, but helps boost your credibility online.


This is similar to sharing results, but stats visually provide quantitative data and proof. You could even give your readers an inside peek and share details about what went into the achievement, but keep it short, snappy - and visual  You could simply share a screenshot/s as visual proof. This isn’t an excuse to brag, but an opportunity to transparently share with your audience, so that they might achieve a similar result.


Another positive post idea. There can be something about reading a success story that gives readers hope. Whether they want to accomplish a similar feat or simply celebrate with you, success stories build people up; it’s a positive catalyst.


While we like reading positives, sharing your failures shows humility and makes you relatable and can even have greater impact than sharing successes in some contexts. And if you’ve overcome and found success or are now acting on an opportunity becase of it - share it and it can gives your readers hope too. Always end a failure post on a positive note.


Post followers are usually either likeminded or have similar interests, so finding out who you’ve been influenced can prove of interest. This is an opportunity to not only share how another has impacted your business (and send visitor traffic their way!), but it can give you a legitimate reason to reach out to that person if you have never physically contacted them before. It's called 'social' media for a reason!


In order to establish some authority or thought leadership in your industry as a business, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. What better way to demonstrate experience and expertise than to share your perspectives on a current event? If your post is creative and/or polarising, the post will also have some potential to go viral, too.


Social media loves 'strategies' and 'hacks'. If you have discovered, or created your own way to achieve ways of 'working smarter' or positive results, you may well get some kudos by revealing it to your readers. Transparent, helpful posts help build trust and can encourage people to visit your site time and time again. Moreover, if that strategy is genius, or hasn’t been seen before, extra kudos to you!


Do you use any software platforms or programs on a regular basis? Frequent users of platforms can quickly become 'super-users' and as such can naturally present and highlight its features in a post. You can share how you use it, its favorite features and how it’s benefits you or your business. Such posts can provide specific beneficial learning for readers, which is a key aspect of a viral, shareable post. Also it can help build trust with clients. 


Busy marketers can easily get caught in the rut of writing posts and overlook other engaging ways to share content, which in some instance may be less time consuming. So rather than writing a post or descriptive article, changing your media approach experimenting with short videos can help keep[ your page fresh. Maybe do a screenshare, walk your audience through a program/platform or a behind-the-scenes look at your latest service or activity. Videos are much more likely to go viral, so give them a go from time to time.


If creating a video seems a little overwhelming, you could post a PowerPoint (or similar presentation program) slideshow. It could tell a story, a tutorial, or walk readers through your latest project. Keep the slides simple, with minimal text and engaging visuals This is a great way to switch up your content and create interaction with your readers.


Why did you start your business? What’s your “why?” You could share this in a creative way. Explain how and why your mission solves a problem or addresses a need. You could include past experiences, or other factors that encouraged or inspired you. These posts can provide your audience more insight into why you do what you do - and are an ideal opportunity to link to on relevant pages on your website.


Every business needs a USP - and the most interesting are those that buck the trends. Your  content, writing style, or visuals could be your give-away. What makes your social media page / blog or business stand out or distinct? Highlight those differences in a post or a series of blog posts. Don’t call them, “What makes [my business] different” – use a headline and wording  that’s much more creative and representative of your creative ability . There are a number of online tools including AI tools such as Rytr and Copy AI that with free subscriptions that can help here.

13 | TOOLS

Which tools do you use to run your business or get tasks done on a day-to-day basis? If you share them on your posts and readers are in a similar industry, they might discover a helpful new resource. Also if they’re curious about working with you, sharing the tools you use will give them more insight on your process and how you run your business, which can help build trust. You can round up the tools in one post or highlight each individually in a series.


You don’t need to be an expert or a leader in your industry to share what you know. Diversity in expertise is where the creativity lies. A majority of your readers probably aren’t as entrenched in your industry as you are, so they aren’t sizing you up; they truly want to learn or be entertained. So, share your knowledge and expertise with them.


Do you have public or resident only event or calendar of events at your care home? Have you attended a conference, workshop, or networking event that you would recommend to your readers?  Share it. You could focus in on one event, and hopes or aims for the event or tell it as a story after the fact. Not only will this be helpful for your readers and raise their awareness - but if the workshop/event/entertainment provider sees your post, they might reshare it on social media and drive more traffic to your site, too.


Have you worked with someone new on a project, feature, or cause lately? Share about the collaboration in a post. This could range from your experience with a mentor, coach, client, peer or even a resident.  Showing your openness to learning can create new opportunities for later posts too 


Testimonials and reviews are not only important from a learning perspective but also a key element of reputation management for care homes. If someone has recently posted a review based on your care home services, staff member or facilities, why not ask if you can share this success story. You can approach this in a way that doesn’t seem like you’re patting yourself on the back, but instead focussing on your client/resident and highlighting their story instead. This is relatable and relevant content for many of your readers and further reviews may ensue.  


Does your care home use any promotionally printed / logo branded items or products ? Could it, and if it did so could you sell them? Marketing doesn’t have to be salesy. That’s one of the greatest benefits of social media, it allows you to organically market your products and services through your content. You can share all the different (and maybe even unconventional) ways your branded product can be used in a blog post - or create a competition involving the inclusion or use of,  or even creative suggestions for using - with photos!


As with strategies and 'hacks', random facts and surprising information always seems to intrigue and engage readers on social media posts. Are there any facts about an area of your business, the property, your staff, or residents etc, that people would be surprised to learn? Share these with your readers. Not only will it pique their interest, but it might make them more interested in your care home.


Similar to surprising facts, if you want to build trust with your readers and keep them returning, share your secrets. So many people hoard their information for fear that others will copy them and have greater success, but the opposite is often true of social media; the more you share, the more you’ll be seen as a leader and authority. Do you have proven secret strategies and methods that have worked well for your business? Don’t keep them to yourself! You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome long-term.


Another positive post idea, as simply put, a successful business is one that can solve a problem or need and gets a good reputation for it. Outwardly care homes infact solve many problems and situations for residents, families, the local community and in other areas that may not be initially evident or apparent. In daily work other solutions are achieved often without thought. Try and identify these and use them as social media post ideas. Outline the problem in each and provide your own (creative ?) solution.


Create posts to appeal to potential clients by providing relevant care home specific resources and lists. Familiarise your audience with the ins and outs of your processes and consider posting helpful resources, guides or reference lists. Explain the reasons behind each step and walk them through the experience if that helps. The more informed they become, the quicker their understanding and ability to make informed decisions about your care home and services, and perhaps even working with you in the future, if that's an option. You could make this into a series of posts.


Everyone appreciates creativity. We love getting inside other creatives’ minds and learning how they think. Your readers are following along with you because something about what you’re doing intrigues them, so invite them into your creative process. Maybe explain the reasoning behind the need for these ideas, how you come up with ideas, or any opportunities that may result from the outcome of these ideas. If any part of it is especially unique, slightly different or  unexpected, they’ll love it.


Many areas of a care home operation require a process or workflow? From initial introductory meetings to welcoming new clients, individual care plans etc, alongside ongoing services, consider these and feature them in a post. Your readers might pick up a few things they hadn’t considered before, but they’ll definitely be interested in getting an inside look at the way you operate.


An important part of the relationships developed through daily personal care in a home are the rewards of, and learnings from, the diverse experiences of the environment. With the resident's or families permission, as relevant, sharing these recent stories (positive, happy stories only) will always garner responses. So share photos, and show what happened. If you resolved a problem, explain it, alongside your decisions. This can highlight expertise, and gives prospective clients an indication of what to expect, standards of care and highlights of your latest achievements in your care home.


As stated earlier - we are confident that these prompts will help get you out of those weeks when not knowing what to post just seems to draw a blank. 

Keep a look out for 25 MORE tips ... !



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