How to Develop a Business Website to Better Target its Buyers Persona


How to Develop a Business Website to Better Target its Buyers Persona

How to Develop a Business Website to Better Target its Buyers Persona

Identifying your most valuable website pages is one of the most overlooked parts of a company’s website strategy … but finding out what the important pages are is only half of the story: you also need to know who is visiting them, and why.

A few years back, research from Google showed they considered there to be four main intent types that drive people to a website: These were termed as thought micromoments ...  ‘I want to know’, ‘I want to go’, ‘I want to do’, and ‘I want to buy’.

 Chart showing search intent micromoments

In this framework, website visitors may be coming to your site because they

  • Are curious to know something about your brand or products
  • Want to get in touch with you (e.g. finding a physical location they can go to)
  • Need to learn how to do something with one of your products
  • Are ready to buy something from you

These can be classified into these different intentions for visiting a page : 

Chart showing search intent classifications

Have you considered creating customer personas: semi-fictional representations of your existing and ideal customers ? This can be based on real demographic and psychographic data. (

Personas help you determine with a good degree of clarity:

  • Who your ideal customers are (less in a ‘female, 42, has two dogs, lives in the city’ and more in a ‘project manager who leads a remote team of 5’ way)
  • What their main intent or ‘driver’ is when visiting specific pages on your website (for example, the project manager who leads a team of 5 might be ‘looking to buy a piece of software that helps her automate 30% of her tasks’)

Why this is important: persona information helps you paint a clear picture of who you are writing and designing your content for, and keep their needs and motivations in mind as you make any change decisions, for example - if customers get on your top landing page and the only thing they’re interested in is a store locator, the best thing you can do is to give them that. They don’t want to convert. That’s not on their mind right now. So don’t try to force them to buy—simply give them the information they want.  Google likes websites that help. 

Use the right words: Undertake a review of keywords, search terms and phrases you think your ideal customer would use to - and modify your pages accordingly too.


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