15 Smart AI Tools to Superboost Your Creative Business Productivity

15 Smart AI Tools to Superboost Your Creative Business Productivity


15 Smart AI Tools - web-aviso

Everyday now we are seeing articles about how Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are not only improving productivity and efficiency, but creating new opportunities too for every size business. AI learning is providing deeper and more prctical insights than ever before, and will literally by design, only improve.

Whether you are a solo freelancer or manage multiple staff, there are many tools that will help improve your operations. So here's a round-up of 15 AI tech tools that are currently working for us and we think worth sharing with other creatives:

Content creation, writing and inspiration with SEO Review Tools 

Alongside the larger engines such as Chat GTP multiple AI content providers seem to be springing up. SEO Review Tools do what they say on the tin - they offer various tools including this nice easy to customise AI writing tool which is one of our current faves alongside Rytr and Copy.


Clean up your audio recordings with Adobe Noise Removal

Upload an audio recording with background noise and magically, you’ll get back a clean version. To hear the enhancement in action, listen to this post’s audio voiceover. No cost, no waiting, no complexity. 


Add magic to your spreadsheets with Grid

Grid’s formula assistant lets you type what you’re looking for into a spreadsheet cell in your own words. It then spits out the formula you need. This 2.5-minute video shows how it works. You can also use Grid without AI. It’s a delightful alternative to Google Sheets and Excel that lets you easily make sleek interactive sheets incorporating data, charts and text. 

…Or let an AI wizard teach you spreadsheet lingo with Asa

Asa is a new add-on for Google Sheets that stands for "Ask Sheets Anything." Rather than searching for advanced commands, pose a natural-language question about how to do something and ASA will answer. Unlike Grid, Asa works within Google Sheets. 


Get an article summarised quickly with AskRoger.ai

Send a link via Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Whatsapp or email and you'll get back a useful short summary. Free for 10 experiments, then $2 to $5 for the next 75k article words summarised.

Outline a new course with Pathwright Project Socrates

Type in a few keywords to get a draft of a course outline you can revise or build upon. ChatGPT can also create course outline drafts, but Pathwright provides a course shell where you can organize and deliver courses. Available soon.For micro-courses — think 5 to 30 minutes — 7Taps has a new automated course creator too. It’s even running an AI course-creation contest. If you’re camera shy, you can select one of 7Taps’s human-looking avatars to read your course script.


Adjust your mic placement with Adobe Mic Check

Find out if you’re too close to your mic or otherwise need adjustments. Your Teams or Zoom call partners and podcast listeners will thank you.

See an automated summary of your Zoom call with Grain and Otter

Pouring over meeting minutes is painful. Grain’s AI gives you an instant summary of any recording with timecode annotations. Share the summary or use it to jump to key moments in the video or transcript. Otter has an AI meeting assistant that can record your meeting and save snapshots of slides shown, but I found Grain’s summaries to be more useful.

Train your own AI image generator with Facet

Upload between 4 and 200 of your own images to train an AI model and use it to create new visuals related stylistically to the ones you’ve uploaded. Facet’s AI’s advanced image editing offers a new alternative to Photoshop. 


Listen to a live discussion in your native language with Forum

Forum uses AI to automate live simultaneous translations in multiple languages. Listeners open the app to connect to an event and choose their preferred language. I was impressed at how well it worked for a live meeting.An off-Broadway theater is testing Forum as a way for audiences to hear the actors' lines in their native language. Churches are testing it as a way for parishioners to hear mass in their chosen language.


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