Maximise your online authority potential with this one easy trick

Maximise your online authority potential with this one easy trick !  

Maximise your online authority potential with this one easy trick !

Every year at the World Wide Developers Conference the big tech companies come up with all kinds of creative ways to create a buzz around what their their latest announcements might be.Some have garnered development engineering communities and 'tribes' far beyond what used to be a tech conference.

Let's take Apple for example. 

They do a great job in waiting for the most impactful time to get people talking about :

  • What products and new tech they are introducing 
  • The presentation and storytelling behind their launches 
Well this article is not to waste your time on either of those, but to highlight a technique that few realise these companies do - but can be spun to some significance towards maximising your online authority potential and growing, scaling, and increasing the the value of your psychological approach to business marketing ...

What is it? 

Well is partly to do with Apple's concept called Spatial Computing (a technology that enables computers to blend in with the physical world in a natural way ... While this technique has nothing to do with the technology behind it… it has everything to do with

the deliberate use of language.

Some context  ....  

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Spatial Computing is the technology behind Apple’s 'Vision Pro' a product akin to Oculus (a virtual/augmented reality headset) .... but what did Apple do to launch it ... they took a known technology and named & claimed a new space for it.

Yes, Apple could have called it Vision Pro – a VR headset. Instead, they chose Vision Pro – Spatial Computing. Before June 5th, 2023 – Spatial Computing didn’t exist. But today, it does…

Think about this a little deeper - this technique instantly increases their authority in the technology and products space without any question from their audience ! This isn’t the first time Apple has named & claimed a category either …

Before I share how you can adapt this into your own business ...

Here are a few other named & claimed category examples that you may (or may not) be familiar  with, but are creating business success and flying under the radar leaving people  questioning how other's authority and subsequent sucess is happening !

Let's take the popular book  'The 4-Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss. This is an already popular topic (passive income, work from home, etc.) He could have titled his book, “How to Create a Passive Income Business and Remove Yourself from Business Operations”  - Instead, he chose to name & claim a category. Literally.

Here are two other quick hitters from both Twitter and Linkedin to show how others are also successfully doing it :  

  • Kieran Drew (Twitter).

In a recent trending post about online content creation, he could have easily used the words “repurpose your content” but instead he chose the phrase “Round 2 Writing” .. and consequently making it his own!

  • Jasmin Alic (Linkedin):

In his guide Jasmin could have entitled this “How to Comment on Linkedin” - but no .. he called it the 'LinkedIn Commenting Matrix'

... and this is the overall power of this little linguistic mind-spin - it makes what is presented  appear as a genuine framework. And, in a way, it is…


So how can you use this techniques for instant authority ?

The lowest hanging fruit example I can give you is with content or products. More specifically, considering the steps involved in creating a thread, an article, a guide or even a course for instance. 

Now let's pretend you’re about to release an article on how to close like a master salesperson.

Here’s what it could look like with unclaimed steps:

  1. Find your leads

  2. Reach out by calling & emailing them

  3. Follow up via email to lock down the close

OK … that makes sense… But what if we used some simple language jiu jistu to name & claim those steps…

  1. The Infinite Sales Lead Generator

  2. The Cold Lead → Warm Lead Multiplier

  3. Instant Response Follow Up Lead Templates


Do you see how this uses simple language to make your process a unique value offering to whoever is reading or taking the course or piece of content?

This is what Apple did with two simple words Spatial Computing.

Once you see this - you can never unsee it …

If you would like to discover more about how implementing psychology of marketing into your brand campaigns  - contact web-aviso today to discover how they can help transform your business presence:

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