Three Golden Keys to Creating a Successful Business Niche Online

Three Golden Keys to Creating
a Successful Business Niche Online

With so many businesses, business ideas and websites online, it's not uncommon to hear the phrase "Build a niche-of-one! It's the future!" as the key to creating business success. In a way that may well be the truth as traditional jobs are disappearing due to automation and artificial intelligence. So increasingly more people are looking to share their unique knowledge, skills, and abilities with their own little corner of the internet and establish themselves as an authority in their area. It almost seems like a modern-day gold rush is on. 

However there's a huge issue at play here. It's not as though niches grow on trees. While all the gurus (who've already "made it" mind you) share their empty platitudes of:

·         Publish daily!

·         Just stay consistent!

·         Write content reflecting YOU

·         Use ChatGPT to shave a bazillion hours!

You sit there and know damn well it takes much more than that - but you just don't know what. So here is an article to show you the exact steps you can take to build your own 'niche of one'.
The success is down to you ... but hopefully my psychology may help.  


 How to create your niche-of-one


After working with many, many businesses over the year we begun to notice that when breaking down and concentrating on marketing certain areas of those businesses that all niche-building is essentially the same - or more specifically - that building a 'niche of one' follows a specific pattern that uses three different types of content.

Here's what that content looks like from a high-level view:


Creating a niche of one

The size of the circle is a general reference to the amount of people the content reaches

Let's break this down ... 

Firstly  - not all content is created equal. Most creators just post lots of content without much aforethough and hope for the best, because 'content is king' right ? (Not exactly - what Google really wants is Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust - and then it will start to take notice of your content and you can start gaining a search engine ranking  ... but I digress...)

Creators often fall into the trap of thinking "I just need this content to go viral. Viral content builds an audience. How do I touch as many people as possible?" If that's you, we need to reframe your mojo a bit... Sure viral content is great.

·         The dopamine of a lot of hits is addictive

·         People noticing and talikng about your brand is exciting

·         You grow leverage in the form of reach & audience

But Striving for viral content alone will send you straight into the worst trap on the internet:  A load of followers who don't want to buy anything from you.

The 3A framework above helps solve this problem by 'dumbing down' Eugene Schwartz's  5-Stages of Awareness model:  (Eugene was an influential American marketer and copywriter)  

While the 5-Stages of Awareness is easy to follow, it can be simplified further and put it into perspective to help us become a well-rounded complete creator - so easier to connect it to the 3A framework to the 5-Stages like this:

1. Attractor content = the unaware stage

When we publish content that:

·         Entertains

·         Goes viral

·         Attracts eyes

Really all we're doing is putting up a sign on the internet that reads: "Hey – I'm here and I want to be a part of the conversation" (When I use the word "conversation" see "niche") All you're really doing is throwing a net out to get on peoples' radar.

Those people are unaware about your expertise and authority (and that's okay). It's creating content that is not doing much besides trying to get your face in front of as many people as possible.

The important thing is this: many people will follow you as a result of this content. (It's fun! Everyone wants to be a part of something fun.) 

Now the next type of content helps you convert those unaware sleep-walkers into members of your tribe:

2. Move their awareness forward with advisor content:

You've collected a load of visitors and new followers with attractor content. Now, you want to slowly convert these people into your tribe. (Can you see how we're starting to construct our unique niche-of-one? Don't worry if you can't see it yet – it'll happen...)

Advisor content is simple. Here you:

·         Showcase your expertise

·         Help solve the reader's problems

·         Introduce your audience to your world

While it's not a hard rule – generally advisor content follows the "how to" format (because you're doing a lot of teaching). Advisor content is designed to showcase what's possible in this new world you're building.

But it's not the end of our train...we still have one more piece of content that's going to tie all of this together.

3. The most important type of content is authority content:

Why is authority content so important? Because this is the type of content that turns you into a bonafide 'cult leader' ! Kidding ? ...maybe not though...

Authority content ties everything together. Authority content moves your audience into product-aware and solution-aware. It essentially shows people who are ready to take the next step in whatever journey you're outlining (ie your new niche) that you're the person who is going to help them cross the bridge. Now, this content is quite simple in terms of its execution.


There are two things you need to consider:

·         Most of the time, it will be your least-seen content

·         You need to actually do cool things in your industry to use it (This line is probably the most important).

In other words – you can't become an authority by sitting on the sidelines. Authority content is essentially proof that you know what you're talking about. 

So three types of content create one unique niche

Building your job-quitting niche-of-one is quite simple when you break it down:

Draw people in with attractor content

Introduce them to your world with advisor content

Position yourself as the go-to resource with authority content

You don't need to be the most unique person who walks into a room to build your niche-of-one.

You just need to be strategic.

If you would like to discover more about how implementing psychology of marketing into your brand campaigns  - contact web-aviso today to discover how they can help transform your business presence:

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