How to find your competitors hidden B2B growth content and ideas

How to find your competitors hidden B2B growth content and ideas 

How to find your competitors hidden B2B growth content and ideas
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Every marketer runs into a brick wall at some point. You need new ideas ASAP, but they’re just not flowing.Naturally, you turn to your competitors for inspiration. 

A tactic to use / spin your competitors ideas (that they don’t know about)

You’re probably familiar with the common tactics, like checking Facebook Ad Library to see what sort of ads your competitors are running. But here’s one tactic you might not know about… Looking at your competitors’ sitemap.xml file to find the landing pages they’re using for ads. Interesting, right? 

How to find your competitors’ sitemap.xml file

It’s usually pretty simple. Type your competitors’ domain in your browser search bar, followed by “/sitemap.xml” to find the file. 

For example:

Sometimes, /sitemap_index.xml or /sitemap/ work, too.
You can
learn more about finding sitemaps here.

Once you’ve found the file, peruse all of the pages that are listed in their sitemap file. 
Many times you’ll find landing pages you won’t find anywhere else. 

There you go ! With this tactic, you can find inspiration and growth ideas from your competitors… all by looking at pages that would’ve been difficult to find otherwise.


Give it a try and let us know how it goes ... 

We understand that your business will fully understand that having this information may be beneficial to your company  - but simply has to choose between getting on with daily business operations over the website content and digital marketing - or maybe you need a collaborative partner, so …

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