Three Golden Keys to Successfully Reading Your Buyers Mind

Three Golden Keys to Successfully Reading Your Buyers Mind !

Three golden keys to successfully reading your client’s mind


" You don’t need permission to do customer research - just start digging !"

Following our highly successful article "How Mining Online Reviews Can Dramatically Improve Business Results" posted earler this year, we wanted to build a concept that essentially enables you to peek inside and read your client's mind - enabling you to target your marketing from a more informed perspective and effectively planned approach.

I am reading your mind ...

Well, sort of.. everyone knows that traffic is the lifeblood of any digital solo business.
But the problem is that most people don't know what to publish to help them multiply the amount of traffic their generating. So in this article I want to break down how I write content my audience is already looking for -  and demonstrate
how to find the content and then use it to build a database full of writing prompts we can return to over and over to create content our audience *actually* wants to read.

So let's get to it ... our audience is already telling you what they want to read! So when yoy deliver this content to them it will feel like you're reading their mind ... Seth Godin puts it perfectly when he talks about crafting a story that agrees with what the reader is already telling themselves - Now, for our purposes this week – instead of reading that as "stories" read it as "questions"

Our goal is to answer the questions our audience and readers are already asking themselves. To fully explain this concept we've been writing online since 2004 and as content marketing gradually became a thing we've built it all around a specific method that allows us to peer into what ours and our client's audience wants and deliver it to them before they even realise it !

Before the method and to get some context, try this ... Write down a topic you're either:

  • Interested in
  • Have experience in
  • Are passionate about

As an example, we'll do this together. Let's say we have some interest in and expertise regarding -  Digital Marketing - and don't worry if your topic is broad. I intentionally went wide just to show you how this works. Now that we have our topic, let's see how we can use it to create content our audience actually wants to read... How to read the minds of your audience (and publish content they actually want to read)

Are you familiar with Quora? Most people who are think of it as the more popular cousin of Yahoo! Answers. In a way it is... But only if you're looking at it as a platform. When you look at Quora as a tool – however, things begin to dramatically change. You see – Quora is a question or answer-based platform. Millions of people (300 million unique people monthly, actually) ask questions on the platform and millions of people answer those questions. Not too much to write home about, right?But that's because you're not looking at what all those questions and answers particularly provide...

Remember the topic you wrote down? - So in the world of digital marketing  – we could write about a million different things, right? And of those million different things – there's only a small(ish) percentage that our audience actually cares about, right?But when we use Quora as a market research tool, we can quickly find what topics our audience cares about. And then deliver content that literally comes off like we're reading their mind.

Take a look ...

Step 1: search your topic

On Quora, the first thing we want to do is search our topic.
·         Go to the search bar
·         Type in our keyword (ex: "Digital Marketing")

Step 2: search for a question you can answer.

Not only will we be given suggestions in a dropdopwn box about areas of our search topic - but after we press enter on our keyword search, we'll be given a variety of different options of questions to choose from. When you're scrolling through, find a question that you can answer.
Once you find one – go ahead and click through to it:

Step 3: check the question log

This is where things really start to come together... Not all questions that are asked on the platform are equal. Now your time is valuable. Whether you're a full-time creator or side hustling to become one – you don't have all the time in the world to guessing which question will be beneficial to answer or not. So, our next step is to click the "question log" and see what type of popularity this question has. If the question has a lot of views (traffic) it's probably worth pursuing... Your audience is telling you what they want (you just need to look)

What could we do with this information? Well I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know the answer to the question, "what is the definitive mdigital marketing technology platform to use?" But I can already see a multitude of different content ideas ... and this is just the tip of iceberg in finding content your audience wants

What I'd recommend you do today – with this small tactic – is this:

·         Search your topic (or a topic you're interested in)
·         Find questions that have a decent amount of popularity
·         Copy those questions into a Notion database or Google Doc
And now you have a list of writing prompts to create content your audience actually wants to read!

Now as I said in the intro  - this article was written off the back of
How Mining Online Reviews Can Dramatically Improve Business Results"  - and I urge you to read that too for more 'mind reading' ideas. 


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