25 MORE Social Media Tips for the Creative Care Home Marketer


25 MORE Social Media Tips for
the Creative Care Home Marketer


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Given such a positive response to the first 25 social media tips for the creative care home marketer we posted - here are 25 more !

Digital marketing for care homes (to ultimately help increase occupancy and raise local search engine prominence) is one of a number of industries in which web-aviso has gained much experience across the years. We understand the challenge that many in-house marketers face when it comes to integrated marketing strategies,especially when find themselves lumped with the care home social media accounts to manage too. A core challenge is that marketing requires buy-in from many workplace disciplines - and once this is understood and supported often some simple updates and guidance can help inspire what to post. 

In recognition of this common challenge we have systematically collated ideas and created this goto guide for those involved with marketing their care homes ...

We are sure these will help get you out of those weeks when content just doesnt seem to come to mind!

So let's dive into (again!)  ...


There are many areas of business that people don’t get to see - so why not give your readers a behind-the-scenes look at different areas of yours and others at work. These posts make you more relatable and help readers get to know you better.


Whether socially or in business, storytelling has many benefits. It engages more than just being told facts and creates a human connection. Some of the most compelling, relatable posts are told in story form, so take some time and share your story, staff or even resident stories (with permission of course) with your readers. Obviously dont include lost of detail, but focus on the highlights. Keep your readers in mind and consider what they would love reading about most.


Is there someone in your care home, company management or even industry that your audience might enjoy hearing more from? Invite them to join you in an interview, either in written, audio, and video format. You might gear it toward a particular area of their expertise, their story, or even allow your audience to chime in with their questions.


Posts that go viral usually have actionable takeaways - and truthfully, you should always be asking yourself what your readers are going to take away from each and every post you write. Tutorials make great posts because they provide clear, actionable takeaways. “Do [this] and you’ll receive [XYZ] results.”

30 | TIPS

Have you ever wondered why “how to” posts are so popular? People love learning how they could be doing things better and more efficiently ('working smarter not harder'). So, share your tips and insights, they don’t have to be ground-breaking or even never seen before; they just need to be written from your perspective and experience. Share what you know.


Many things shared are great in theory, but hard in practice. Instead of posting about topics and sharing hypothetical ideas, provide concrete examples. Round up examples on certain topics that pertain on your industry and share them on the blog.


What observations have you made about care work (that you can share!) that others would relate to or entertain them with? Satire can be a fun way to mix up your content and give readers something unexpected. Entertainment and insight are usually a winning combination and can often result in some fun comments too.

33 | LISTS

Long lists are irresistible to many readers (Take this article, for example. What attracted you to it? Would you have been as interested if I only shared 5 blog post ideas?) One of the biggest reasons people turn to social media pages and blogs is for inspiration. Long lists provide more information and ideas. So, consider some care home topics that you might be able create long lists from and share them. You never know is visiting your social media page and some readers will love them, bookmark them, and even return to them time and time again.


Many of us are curious - and love being in the know. So why not share a sneak peek or teaser about things in the works at your care home (maybe a new service, a launch, collaboration, addition, etc) This is a great way to pique the interest of your audience, create hype, and encourage them to come back and check out whatever it is you’ve been working on.


It is easy to get wrapped up in sharing helpful tips, resources, and solutions and overlook the fact that sharing 'what not to do' can be just as beneficial. Think about the things you have  learnt the hard way. Consider mistakes commonly made in the care home industry and share them.


As I mentioned earlier, stories often make a popular post. Consider experiences you’ve encountered in your current or previous care homes and share what you’ve learned from them. You could even share life experiences and how they’ve played a part in the success of your career. These types of posts are more relatable and allow readers to get to know you while still providing value.


Many lessons come through trial and error - so why not pass on that knowledge and share some things you wish you had known when you first started? The more transparent your posts are the greater the trust and potentially authority you will garner. (Especially if your readers implement your tips and wisdom and follow up with how your advice has worked in their favour)


Are you asked questions on a regular basis? Are there common questions too ? Dont just keep these FAQ answers listed on your website, but post them too. Replicating the readily available content will avoid you having to reply with long email or messenger responses each time. Also by posting these it may prompt your readers to think further about contacting your care home with other questions or arrange an in-person meeting about care. Chances are that many more of your readers have the same or similar questions, so this will either keep you from getting as many emails or give you an in-depth post or website link to direct the enquirer to each time you’re asked the same question in the future.


Aside of your website, your social media page is a great outlet for keeping people in the know (especially as many people habitually visit social media platforms and pages regularly, if not daily, these days) If there has been any recent updates to your services or staff, events or otherwise, write about them, and where  on the blog and share the reason behind the change.


Have you recently attended a career development training, an event, or gone on an off site outing with some of your residents somewhere - why not share a review about this experience?   Not only are posts like these insightful for your audience, but they also have the potential to be shared by the company whose product/service/venue/attraction etc you’re reviewing.  It may consequently even help forge or strengthen ties.


Like lists, references are a great way to share information and inspiration. Posts like these can be bookmarked and pinned by readers so they can return to them time and time again. You can refer to helpful website directories, resources, tips, ideas etc … the possibilities are endless.


Free content and entertainment are the primary reason people many follow along with social media pages. So how can a care home take it up a notch ? Well how about a freebie give-away or even maybe a chance to win something – and this will usually stir some enthusiasm from your audience. Consider freebies that benefit your audience and consider ways that you can benefit from giving them away, too, whether it’s getting them to share the freebie with their audience, requiring their email address, or both.


Have you been passionate about the care industry for years? Share a memory or some old photos of you or the care home, or some past events or celebrations (e.g 'on this day in history'). People will love seeing that your passion has spanned many years, and they’ll also gain more insight into who you are or what the care home is about.


People develop preconceived notions about many things - and care homes are no exception.  What better way to set them straight than to share this on a post. Not only will they be insightful for your readers, but others in your industry may well be thankful to read your post, too.


Passing knowledge along can be invaluable, and indeed you never know when, or to whom it will be of help. Information is of no value if it’s hoarded either, so share the best, and the worst, advice you’ve received. In fact, why not extend this to your staff or residents to give the their perspectives too. Your audience will hopefully thank you for it.


Quotes are highly shareable on social media. Collate some of your favorite quotes or sayings that are relevant to the care industry and share them.Quote posts are frequently shared too, which strategically shows your post on others feeds too.


Highlight posts usually pop up around the end of the year, but they can be published anytime. Share highlights of years in business, your home's developments or employee’s anniversaries.  Add photos to celebrate these milestones with your audience too.


Infographics are a great way to visualise data and information (some of which otherwise may appear boring to readers)  in an engaging, visual way. Reading often feels like work but seeing the content as a graphic is much more entertaining. So instead of writing a long post, switch things up with an infographic from time to time.


Surveys are a great way to gain feedback from your audience, but they also encourage reader participation and turn your page into a 2-way conversation. I wouldn’t recommend conducting surveys or polls too often, but maybe consider displaying the outcome in a fun, engaging way. You might also consider offering a freebie or another incentive to get your audience to participate in the survey, too.


Highlight your team on your posts and introduce them to your readers! You might conduct an interview for each person with random, fun facts, or have them write a guest post on a topic… Get creative with it!  

Share helpful, actionable content that will benefit your readers. Don’t get caught up in your likes and your interests; share posts that have clear takeaways.

Not only will it lead to trust, but will hopefully result in a community following that looks out for each and every new post you’re putting out there.


web-aviso are a successrful digital marketing company with years of trading beyond many of our competitors, our experience of creative marketing for various industry sector websites is not only diverse, but for many clients they have remained longstanding too through the results we deliver.  



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