What the Highest Converting Business Websites Pay Attention To


What the Highest Converting
Websites Pay Attention To

What the Highest Converting Business Websites Pay Attention To - WEB-AVISO

There are a many things for business owners to consider, and it can be easy to get carried away with just promoting the business instead of stopping to consider, or focus on, conversion optimisation for visitors to their websites. In this post, we’re going to cover what some of the highest converting business websites pay attention to. 

Before we get into the details, here are a few points to get you thinking first:

So if you’ve reached this point and feel like you’ve hit a stalemate with your web visitors here are some strategic areas to focus on that will when implemented greatly increase your chances of  improved client conversion through your website.

Create A Responsive Website

Attractive, high converting websites are fast loading, have an engaging layout, a seamless navigation, and especially, a responsive design. It’s not enough for high converting websites to look good on desktop. Mobile view is equally in demand – if not more important. However, mobile vs desktop usage can vary based on your niche. If your pages are not responsive or load too slow, your user is likely ending their session within 3 seconds. With so many people accessing your site via mobile, your site requires a responsive design that encourages users to convert.

At web-aviso we can run a technical SEO audit for you.

Create Clear CTAs (call to actions)

Clear, concise and convenient CTAs are the bread and butter of conversion strategies. Essentially make it clear what you want the visitor to do  - and easy how to do it! Try testing 2 different CTAs on your website or social media, and see which one makes a difference.  Neil Patel has written an interesting article the Psychology of CTAs 

How to create CTAs that work: 

  • Make your CTA stand out: Use white space, contrasting colours and clickable buttons to make your CTA easily recognisable
  • Use clear, simple language: You might be tempted to be clever with your CTA, but when it comes to conversion, clear instructions win every time 
  • Generate urgency: Make your CTA compelling and specific by using phrases like ‘get your free quote’, ‘sign up in seconds’ or ‘learn more’ 
  • Never use the fail-safe ‘click here’ button: Think about it, does this make your solution obvious to your customers? 
  • Make your CTA a clickable button: This both entices your customer and makes your CTA stand out

Test Your Header Text

Header text can make or break a website, and possibly a sale. A visitors first impression is formed quickly, and the headline is a big part of that impression. We recommend Neil Patel’s guide to A/B testing and see what resonates most with your visitors. There is no magic formula, but there are some good guidelines that you can follow – and it’s important to have a clear headline with an effective unique value proposition

Use Unique Selling Points & Unique Value Propositions

USP’s are the aspects of your business, product or service that set you apart from your competitors. At web-aviso we always recommend placing these in plain sight within your main bulk of text …. And UVP’s - visitors should clearly see on your homepage or landing page why they should do business with you and the benefits of doing so.

They Tend To Have Short Forms

UX Conversion expert Omar Andani recommends keeping forms to only the essentials. How many times have you been ready to sign up for something, continue and see 25+ fields that you have to fill in? Personally when I do, I’ll often just leave the website. It’s important to respect the user’s time. If you have  piqued your  visitor’s interest in wanting to sign up, it’s pivotal that you don’t let them go because your form is too long.

Also building more concise forms is important. Most experts will agree that simplifying forms and making them clearer should be the direction you want to aim for. Whilst sometimes, having more fields can improve your form conversion rate, in general, fewer fields tend to produce better conversions (it depends on what your form is for). The point is: Don’t look for rules of thumb, test and find out for yourself!

Online Reviews

Provide proof of Value : According to dixa: ‘92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase when there are no customer reviews’. Reach out to previous customers and ask if they’re willing to leave a review of the product/service they received on one of the following trusted platforms: 

  • Trustpilot 
  • Tripadvisor 
  • Google Reviews
  • Amazon 
  • Which? 
For a deeper dive read our Online Reviews Guide

Understand Your Audience 

If you don’t know who your audience are and why they need your product or service then you’ll never be able to persuade them to do business with you! Every customer who lands on your website has a problem that they need solving. What you need to do is get ahead of the game and find out how your product/service resolves that problem. Then, angle your content towards that resolution. But How do you find out what questions your customers have ? Well you should always be asking your customers questions to get their feedback. Understanding your customer’s pain points, confusion, and what they are really looking for can help you design a site that converts higher.  Read our How to secretly gain digital marketing business intelligence for free article for some other ways to get answers.

For example, if you were a bespoke bakery in Leeds who specialises in event cakes, your main demographic might be wedding planners or newly engaged couples. Their key dilemma could be their budget, or finding a bakery that will create their big, bold, unique design.  So you need to make sure your website’s content gives them the opportunity to book a consultation where you’ll listen to their design ideas and create a bespoke, affordable wedding cake with free tastings. 

For a deeper dive, read our blog article: How to Develop a Business Website to Better Target its Buyers Persona

Other Techniques To Try

Here’s a collection of other tested tips and tricks to help increase website conversions:  


TLDR: How will you get to the status of these high conversion websites?

  • Identify your audience (their problem, their needs and what they want)
  • Define the most-wanted action that people should perform in your page
  • Craft your solution into an easy-to-understand message
  • Design your landing page with the core elements (explained below)
  • Put it all together and upload it 
  • Then Test, test, test.

Immersing yourself in digital marketing strategies directed to the customer is what will help you stand out. You can do this by knowing not just your brand, but know your competitors, and know what your audience wants to get them to convert.

Once you build your site that converts, you also need to maintain it, along with:

  • Having a unique value proposition
  • Strong CTAs
  • A/B testing on headlines
  • Forms requesting essential information

A useable and responsive site will be well received by your users.

Driving toward the challenging task of building one of the highest converting websites will take knowing your audience and knowing when to make changes based on your metrics.

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